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Laptop Data Recovery NYC – We recover any laptop files!

We have launched Laptop Data Recovery NYC in 1997 as a computer support company aiming to providing its clients with the best Laptop Data Recovery NYC and computer service, fastest response time, and most affordable prices. 

Over the past 18 years Laptop Data Recovery NYC has become a top laptop data recovery NYC provider in New York, with a client base covering Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn. Our highly trained staff brings years of experience in the technology industry and is committed to providing a complete computer help support.

City IT Service NYC, through its laptop data recovery specialized department, services the entire Manhattan area including: Tribeca, Little Italy, Upper Side, Lower Side, Downtown Manhattan, Battery Park, Times Square, Financial District, Meatpacking District, Foley Square, Brooklyn, Meatpacking District, Chinatown, SoHo, West Village, Midtown, Uptown, Upper West Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Upper East Manhattan.

Our laptop repair certified technicians truly enjoy educating our customers on desktop and laptop maintenance, and laptop care, and what may be involved in repairing their laptop if problems occur.

Common laptop issues fixed by Laptop Data Recovery NYC

Laptop Motherboard Repairs in NYC.

Laptop Data Recovery NYC specializes in laptop motherboard repair, and laptop power problem repair. We take the system board out of your faulty laptop and find the failed components and replace them. We provide full motherboard services for any Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Asus, HP, Compaq, Apple, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Acer, Samsung laptop.

Laptop power jack repairs in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens.

Another common cause of a laptop not getting power and not turning on is the power jack on the motherboard. City IT Service NYC repairs laptops with broken power jacks, and broken power harnesses daily. The AC Adapter may be plugged into the back of your laptop, but the power jack could be broken, and the laptop can’t get any power.  When power jacks break, they short out the system board sometimes, and either burn up the copper traces on the motherboard, or short out and damage other components, including fuses, and filters. Most of the time we can locate these problems, and repair them at no extra charge. Our Laptop Data Recovery NYC technicians will find that a laptop’s system board had a broken power jack, but when the power jack was replaced, the laptop still won’t turn on.

If your laptop is getting power from the adapter, and the battery charging light comes on, but when you try to turn the laptop on, nothing happens you may have some other type of problem. This can be caused by a number of things, from a bad power button, to a loose power cable, or a broken connector, or just a bad system board. Unfortunately certain models are known to have screws come loose inside the laptop, and these can short out the system boards also. If you have a laptop that just won’t turn on, our Laptop Repair in NYC team of laptop specialists may need to disassemble it to find out what is causing the power problem. We will be able to fix a laptop that appears to be completely dead.

Laptop Data Recovery NYC estimates that we can recover data in 90% of cases of laptop hard disk drive crashes. There are still times where data recovery is not possible. In these cases we make no charge for our services. We know what a stressful issue losing files and data can be, therefore, Laptop Repair in NYC struggles to recover any laptop or desktop.

Our Laptop Data Recovery NYC services cover any business or residential customer located in the area of World Trade Center, Flatiron, Gramercy Park, Astoria, Sunyside, Chelsea, Forest Hills, Greenwich Village, Wall Street, Queens, Brooklyn, Williamsburg Bridge area, Columbus Park, Times Square, Downtown Manhattan, Financial District, Lower Manhattan, Walker Park, Lower East Side, Soho, Stuyvesant Square, Meatpacking District, East Village. So, if you are looking to recover your laptop you should definitely call City IT Service NYC. Our laptop repair center covers Chelsea, Washington Square, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, West Village, Financial District, Broadway, Union Square, Park Slope, Greenwich Village, Wall Street, Columbus Park, Walker Park. Call now: 347-480-7910 for any Laptop Data Recovery NYC!